Living in a Bus Step 7: Insulation and Walls

I’ve passed the halfway done hurdle and I’m trucking along! The next step in my project is the insulation and the walls. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:


I added some reflective insulation to the walls by taping it into place. There’s gaps because I’m not terribly exact in my measurements. I mentioned this type of insulation on a Reddit thread and a lot of people said it wouldn’t do the trick. so I eventually bought some of the foam insulation and added it over the reflective kind. I sure hope it works.


After laying down big sheets of plastic, I started painting the ceiling.  I chose a light blue color which everybody assumes is supposed to represent the sky, but it’s not. Eventually, I want to paint a world map mural on the ceiling, so the blue is actually supposed to represent the ocean.


It doesn’t look like hard work, but man, my arms were tired after doing the ceiling. I also ended up with blue paint all over my hair and clothes.


It’s hard to see on account of my crappy camera, but the ceiling turned out pretty well.  After painting the ceiling, I proceeded to do the doors and trim.  I followed a template with a color scheme called “Vintage Finds” because I’m going for kind of a Bohemian look. The trim is a pear color and the doors are supposed to be orange, but all the shades came out lighter than they were on the template, but that’s okay.

My six year old niece, Tori, insisted she help with the painting and she did a great job.


Next up were the wall panels which were tricky, but my brother helped a lot. I chose a light gray color because I want the flooring to stand out more than the walls.

Cutting out the windows was no easy task.  I used a jigsaw which I couldn’t control very well and my cutting was pretty sloppy.  Fortunately, weather stripping works as great trim around the edges.

I’ve done a lot of the work myself, but some tasks were more difficult than others. My brother did all of the drilling when the screws had to go through metal because no matter how hard I push, I couldn’t get them to go through. Curse these weak arms! So my brother drilled many of the wall panels into place along with the shelving.

I was, however, able to put up the medicine cabinet.  I sure hope it doesn’t come crashing down on my head while I’m driving.


Now that the wall panels are done, I’m currently working on the trim pieces to cover up some of my mistakes. Once the trim is in, I can’t start putting in my furniture, but I have one more big hurdle to jump before I’m completely ready to move in: THE PLUMBING!!! And my brother and I are going to attempt to do it ourselves.  Wish me luck!


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