Living in a Bus Step 9: Internet, Security, and Other Details.

I officially have a date to move into my bus! But before I can start moving in the furniture, I had a few last minute details to take care of:

Air Conditioning:

So my brother and I made a redneck air conditioner out of of pickle bucket, fan, and frozen gallon of water. But I didn’t have a lot of luck with it. I got some advice, but even if I could get it to work, I just don’t think it’s going to keep my bus as cool as I need it to be in the hot summer months.

So I invested in an actual window AC unit from Lowe’s. It cost me about $129. The only problem is, it uses so much energy that I had to get a generator to be able to power it because my regular electrical system won’t do the trick. I’m okay with this and I happened to get a pretty good deal on a generator at a liquidation store.



The generator cost me about $350. I still need to have the generator and AC fixed to the bus. The generator is too big to be mounted under the bus, so my brother’s going to help me build a cage and mount it on the back of the bus. There’s a lot of crime in my hometown, so we’ll need to make it theft-proof. The AC will need to be fixed in the window using a bracket of some kind. Again, I’ll be calling on the kindness of my older brother to help me with that.



So I looked into a lot of options regarding internet and I decided my best option would be to get a hotspot. I have service through T-Mobile, but unfortunately, they don’t have the best coverage. So I decided to get a hotspot through Verizon with unlimited data which will cost me about $70 a month. I can’t remember the last time I paid for internet. I hope this is a good deal.



As I mentioned, I’m worried about crime in my city, so I went to Car-Fi and had an alarm system installed. I’m not worried about my personal safety so much as I’m worried about someone breaking in and trying to steal my stuff. I had Car-Fi install a radio, speakers, two shock sensors, and an alarm system. The alarm itself is fairly quiet and I’m not sure if I can adjust the volume. We’ll see.


So there you have it. I’m almost done.  Just a few more finishing touches:

  • mount the generator
  • mount the air conditioner
  • a few touch ups inside
  • install the drain

Next Step: the furnishings. And then I can move in!


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