Day 80: Living in a Bus Step 10: Furnishings!!!

The most fun I’ve had so far with this bus project was picking out the furniture and the decor. Though my standard of living is lower than most, I do need my space to be clean, tidy, functional, and cute, of course. I recently had a “bus-warming” party with my family and they helped me set up my furnishings and closet, and this is what I’ve got.


I bought 3 larger storage ottomans off Amazon and 2 small ones to create a seating area in the back of the bus which also serves to store what few items I have. People keep asking me what I’m going to do with all my stuff, and I can’t help but laugh because literally all my possessions fit in the bus. If you haven’t given minimalism a try, I strongly encourage it.


I bought this nifty recliner at a liquidation store for about $120. I love being able to sit in a comfortable chair when I’m working on my laptop, especially one that lets me put my feet up, but I can’t stand that Lazy Boy style recliner. This was much cuter and went with my color theme of neutral grays and blues.


I found the futon at Walmart. I love the black leather. And it’s surprisingly comfortable. Currently, I’m using a sleeping bag and pillow, but if that sleeping arrangement gets old I can always invest in some proper sheets later on.


I have to have my books. I found a small bookshelf (or what might actually be a plant stand) to fit in this narrow space.  My brother secured it to the wall so it doesn’t fall over when I’m driving. I keep the books in place with bungee cords.


The original owner of the bus made this beautiful cherry wood counter top and I painted the cabinets a nice blue color. The counter top is by far my favorite piece of decor in the bus, and I get a ton of compliments on it. Decorating the bus was easy because I don’t need much. I have a few nice scarves that I’m currently using as curtains, some small accessories, and a few house plants and there you have it. Simple, but lovely!

Here’s a before and after shot. In the first shot my brother and I were just starting the floors, and in the second, my nieces and nephew are enjoying the finished project. It’s been a fun adventure, but I’m not entirely done.  There are a still a few small things left to do:

  • mount the generator to the back of the bus
  • secure the AC in the window so I don’t have to take it out when I drive
  • finish connecting the plumbing to the gray water tank
  • work out any other potential kinks
  • find a safe place to park
  • work out the legal details and insurance

And of course, I have to start thinking of name for the bus! More details to come.


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