Cruise #2: Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

I’m personally not a big fan of cruises, but one of the perks is the ability to visit multiple countries for one price. My second cruise was a trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.  Here are some of the highlights from that trip.



The trip started out in Singapore where we saw some sites and celebrated the new year. While in Singapore we visited friends who also worked in Saudi Arabia. The food was incredible!


We visited the Singapore Gardens and it was absolutely beautiful. I think Singapore has some of the most beautiful nature I’ve seen.



It was so refreshing to be in nature again after living in the desert for so long.



From Singapore, we boarded the cruise ship and headed off to our first destination, Malaysia! The people there were so friendly and pleasant.


We went to Kuala Lumpur and saw the famous towers.  Unfortunately, they were closed on the day we went, so we couldn’t go up, but I didn’t mind. I just wanted a picture.


We explored the islands and ran into some pesky monkeys. There were monkeys everywhere! And they were incredibly ornery.  We were told to be careful about them trying to get our bags!



We even had time to play on the beach and be silly before going back to the ship.



Our last stop was Thailand. This was my first time in Thailand and I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Thailand is an incredible place. We went to Phuket, so if I do return someday I plan on going to Bangkok.


The highlight of my trip was getting to see the elephants though I’m concerned my contribution to this type of tourism is keeping wild animals in captivity. This trip inspired me to do more reading about humane tourism.



I can’t wait to go back to Asia and visit more places. It’s an incredible place!


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