Day 1: The Day the Bars Closed

Initially, I blew things off because I’m not an alarmist. Like most scares this will surely fizzle out after a week or two, right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an issue like Covid-19 is going to get worse or better. I watched the news and kept updated, but I wasn’t terribly worried.

And then my bar closed.

And that’s when I knew shit’s getting real! Laugh if you want. I know it might seem silly to be sad about not being able to go to the bar, but my bar is not just a haven for booze and shenanigans. It’s my church. And the people who go there are my congregation. Where will I get my spiritual enlightenment and Miller Lights now?


The quarantine more or less began on Tuesday, March 17th. It might be different for those not in the Springfield area, but that was the day everything started closing down and the gravity of the situation started becoming more apparent.

Worst St. Patrick’s Day ever!!!

I still got to eat some corn beef, cabbage and potatoes with my mom, so at least I did something festive. I don’t think I wore anything green, but I didn’t get pinched probably because our minds are elsewhere. There’s a lot of uncertainty and fear right now, but I keep reminding myself that someday this will all be in the past, and I’ll get to go back to church again.


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