Day 2: Prepare for Change

We are moving to online classes!! I’m a little nervous but mostly excited. I anticipate there will be glitches and other issues, but for the most part, I think things will be just fine. We’ll be using an app called Zoom and we’ve had lots of practice so far. And this is a good opportunity to practice gratitude. Things are changing, but at least I still have a job. And it made me curious about how other people’s work is being affected. I’ve had a few thoughts concerning all of this:

I appreciate nurses, doctors, and hospital staff so much now. They’re in the line of fire and I haven’t heard a single one complain. If you do go to the hospital, be kind to them. Show your appreciation. What a tough job!


A lot of people are going to be laid off during this difficult time. Especially those that work in restaurants, travel agencies, music, hotels, etc. Can we start respecting people that work as waiters, waitresses, cooks, cashiers, and every other job that doesn’t require a degree instead of saying they deserve to live in poverty because those jobs are meant for teenagers? Maybe all of this will help people change their perspective.


Is it finally time to start discussing income inequality in this country? Because I’m fairly certain almost none of my friends have been able to build up a savings account since so many of them live paycheck to paycheck. Crises like these are much easier to get through when resources and money are being more evenly shared across the board.


There is so much uncertainty right now and I’m trying not to panic. What’s going to happen to the economy? What’s going to happen to my friends who are currently laid off? How will we ever come back from this? Will I even have a job when this is all over? There’s no way to know for sure. All we can do is try to be optimistic and prepare for the worst. I’m trying to stay informed without panicking:

How has your job changed through all of this?

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