Day 11: Silver Lining: I’m finally cooking more.

I’m ashamed to say before the quarantine I was eating out for almost every meal. I would run through a drive through or eat at a restaurant two or three times a day. It’s hard not to when I’ve got no kids to feed and I can spend my money however I want, but it definitely was taking a toll on my checking account.

The roommate made lamb chops, hot dogs, and broccoli.

Now that I’m forced indoors, I have no choice but to cook. Now my first couple of meals weren’t spectacular, turkey and cheese rolled up in a tortilla, but I’ve gotten more creative since then. Last night I made mini baked potatoes with melted cheese, bacon bits, blue cheese, green onions (fresh from the yard) and sour cream. Yum! I hope I maintain this new habit after the quarantine. Cooking is healthier and more cost efficient after all. Maybe I’ll try something creative. Who knows?

Happy Cooking!

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