Day 17: Reach Out! (Remember you’re not alone)

This is a short post, mostly a reminder to everyone that we’re in this together. It can feel very isolating to not see the people you’re used to seeing or even be able to leave the house. Don’t suffer in silence if you’re feeling especially down. Reach out to your friends when you need help or if you run out of something or if you just need somebody to talk to. We’re all in this together! Here are some helpful resources during this difficult time.

How to be alone, but not lonely, despite the corona virus

If you’re feeling especially anxious or distraught during this time, you might find this information helpful:

Very Well Mind gives some great advice for when you’re feeling lonely including keeping to a schedule, staying active and informed, do something meaningful and connecting with others online. I’m trying to use this time for personal growth and to accomplish some goals.

The CDC also has a lot of great information for coping with stress and anxiety during this time.

Remember, you’re not alone out there. Reach out when you need help and keep in mind that maintaining a positive mindset will make this all easier.

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