Day 18: How has quarantine affected your life positively?

Things are different. Life is weird. Everything’s changed. But some things have changed for the better. Since I haven’t been going out like I used to on account of the quarantine, I’ve noticed a number of positive benefits:

I’m no longer eating out.

I’m cooking more.

I’ve started playing my musical instruments again.

My roommate made me a desk.

I’m spending less money going out.

I’m drinking less.

I’m exercising more.

I’m reading more.

I’m enjoying the outdoors a lot more.

I’m talking to friends and family more often (albeit through social media)

I’m driving less.

The list goes on and on. I wonder if I’ll continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle after the quarantine is over or if I’ll be right back to gobbling fast food and spending all my free time at a bar. I hope these healthy new habits stick. How has the quarantine changed your life for the better?

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