QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #3 Thank a Healthcare Worker!

A lot of people deserve our gratitude during this difficult time, but the first group I want to acknowledge is the hardworking men and women on the front lines: the healthcare workers. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, assistant, or staff, you deserve a round of applause + more. Here are some ways you can show your gratitude to our healthcare works.

                                 My sister sporting her hippest work gear

1.) Listen to Them!

Stop listening to the conspiracy theorists. Stop listening to the politics. And start listening to the people who have seen the effects of Corona virus firsthand. They are the ones we should be acknowledging. This is what some have had to say:

“As far as what I would like everyone to know about the pandemic, I think it is important to know that this is not just about you and whether you will get sick, but about the big picture and remembering how you giving one person the virus could potentially infect hundreds more. You could kill someones grandmother.. maybe that grandmother has custody of her grand kids. Maybe shes all they have. Lives can be destroyed. Don’t be selfish. Even if you think its man made by the government to destroy society, doesn’t mean you have to spread it and kill people. (Not that I believe that) It’s important to remember how it is spread. So many people are focused on not being coughed on, but also it is spread from the soles of shoes, clothing, scratching your eyes, etc. Even if somebody wears a mask, all they have to do is touch a surface and then rub their eye. And I believe it is harder for the elderly to always remember all the steps it takes to be fully protected.There is nothing anybody on the community level can do necessarily to make health care’s job easier other than to follow recommendations. Wear a mask. Do not stock up on health care supplies as we are running low and having to ration ours now. I have patients who need gloves to perform wound care or IV care within their home. And its a real issue when we cant order any. You don’t need gloves if you are at home. Please use grocery pick-up. And lastly, how about doing for the elderly population to keep them out of the hospital. If you have anybody over 50 in your life, offer to do their grocery shopping or pick up their prescriptions or walk their dog or whatever it may be. And maybe that’ll keep you from going crazy at home. Give you something to focus on. Anything we can do to keep them inside will be one less ventilator if they get sick.” — Faith R. 

“I just want people to act like something is happening and to not act like it’s a vacation. Just because it didn’t have a huge boom here doesn’t mean it still can’t. Also wash your hands, it’s not that hard. Wearing a mask is also for others and not just yourself, think of it as a condom. You know those things you’re suppose to use during consensual sex with strangers.” –Cristni T 

                                           Overworked but still smiling

“Stay home. If you have to (i mean really have to) go to a store or other public place, wear a facemask or covering. Help to make it culturally acceptable.” —BP

2.) Be a Good Patient!

If you do find yourself in the hospital, strive to be a good patient. Be kind to the doctors, nurses, and staff. Take their advice and listen to what they have to say. Recognize their expertise and don’t counter them with what you’ve read on the internet. Be a patient patient! Nurses and hospital staff are often overworked especially during a pandemic. Be understanding and accommodating. A little kindness goes a long way.

“Do everything you can to get better, which means if we ask you to do something, its not for no reason. Its because we might know something you don’t. I know healthcare is a damaged system. But please know that the majority or people working in it do care and want to see you get better. And western medicine has huge issues, but your natural medicine blog is not going to save your life Remember that your nurses and respiratory therapists don’t get to decide everything we do. We follow orders from a physician and we can’t always control what those orders are. Be kind. And Remember to cough and deep breathe hourly😄 Oh and if we go to draw your blood or put in an IV, just be quiet and let us do it. We don’t wanna know about how hard of a stick you are or about how the last girl got it in one try. Lol” — Faith R. 

“Being a good pt is educating yourself and trusting the healthcare workers. They are trying to help and have the education for it, Google doesn’t.” — Cristni T. 

“Don’t worry about being a good patient. We know our patients are frightened/lonely/stressed, so are we. Wear a mask or covering if you have to come to the hospital. We’ll take care of the rest.” —BP

3.) Show your Gratitude!

Thank your healthcare workers and show them your appreciation! There are countless ways to show your gratitude including:

A thank you card

Gift certificates

Buying dinner

A thoughtful gift

Chocolates or flowers

“Check on us. We are people too who are dealing with our own problems especially during this pandemic. Most of us are scared. Some of us can’t see our children. Some of us aren’t sleeping in our own bed. Many of us are suffering from anxiety and many will have ptsd after this. Then we go to work and it is our duty to act like none of that exists. We don’t tell our patients our problems. We don’t cry in front of our patients (usually). And it is our duty to allow people to use our shoulder everyday to vent or cry or be angry. Check on your healthcare friends. We will most likely say that we are fine. But I think it does something just to know that somebody out there is thinking about you and that you aren’t as isolated as you feel sometimes.” –Faith R. 

“Honestly giving healthcare workers pin, a new clipboard, new mug, any of those are cool. But to me the fact you care that we are helping is what matters.” — Cristni T. 

“The thing we would like more than anything is people to follow #1. Check on your HCWs. We are under a tremendous amount of stress. Many have been moved to new units, doing new jobs or having to change things as fundamental as how we perform CPR on top of being worried about our families. If you are already going to a store for an essential need for yourself, ask if they need anything. Most of us won’t ask anyone to take a special trip anywhere because we can’t stand the idea of the added risk for that person.” —BP

Let’s show our hardworking healthcare professionals how much we appreciate them during this difficult time!

Thanks Guys! ❤️❤️❤️


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