Day 28: Fight the Quarantine Boredom

Who knows how long this quarantine will last. Some days I enjoy the downtime and others I find myself climbing the walls. But being stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to be bored. If filling your time with Netflix and beer is getting old (as it has for me) consider trying something new to relieve yourself of the quarantine boredom:

  1. meditate
  2. start a new exercise regimen
  3. learn a new language
  4. check out one of the many tutorials on YouTube to learn a new skill
  5. start a garden
  6. write in your journal
  7. take on a new art project
  8. set up a home spa for yourself
  9. learn a new recipe
  10. practice yoga
  11. take a course online
  12. read a book
  13. bake bread or cookies or whatever you like
  14. work on a large puzzle
  15. listen to a podcast
  16. clean your house
  17. go for a walk
  18. do some yard work
  19. spend some time in nature
  20. have a bonfire
  21. connect with friends virtually through Facebook or House Party
  22. play a board game
  23. make a list of goals and resolutions
  24. learn about a new culture
  25. dance in your living room
  26. color an adult coloring book
  27. repair that broken item you’ve been putting off
  28. learn how to dance
  29. go through old photo albums
  30. take a virtual trip to a museum or other place

Don’t let the boredom get the best of you!

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