Day 31: Happy One Month Anniversary of Lockdown!

Congratulations! You’ve officially survived one month of lockdown! How has it been for you? At first, the lockdown was a little bit scary for me, but then I learn to enjoy the downtime and focus on various hobbies and goals. This has made the quarantine much easier. Having a safe place to live and being stocked up on food and toilet paper has certainly helped.

Stay positive!

Speaking of toilet paper, the last time I went to Price Cutter I noticed the shelves were stocked. This is an encouraging sign. Keeping a positive mindset and reminding myself that this is all temporary has certainly helped. Everyday I try to be grateful for at least one thing. Today it’s having great company during the lockdown. Do you have special people to spend the lockdown with?


How many more months of Quarantine do you think we’ll have? I see a lot of different projections online, but no one can know for sure. Best to settle in, get comfy, and keep safe. Are you still following protocol? Are you avoiding crowds and staying home when you can?

Lazy cats live their whole lives like this.

Are you happy and filling your time with productive, fun things to do or are you bored out of your mind and drinking away the days? I won’t judge. We’re all coping differently. I’m sure this is difficult for some people, but easier for others. As for me, I’ve pretty much been enjoying this quarantine. I still have a lot of questions though. What’s going to happen to all the small businesses? How is the economy going to look when all of this is over? Will I still have a job? I certainly hope so. I try not to worry too much about the future because there’s nothing I can do to change it. So in the meantime, I’ll continue to keep a positive mindset.

Mimosa Time!!

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