Day 60: What’s your Plan B?

Nearly 30 million Americans have applied for unemployment and there’s bound to be more. The job market is not looking good. The economy is not looking good. We’re on the brink of a bad recession. I’ve become very worried about what my employment will look like in the fall. My job is safe for the summer at least, but I’m going to have to think long term. It’s time to start looking into my Plan B.

Are there any places hiring right now during this pandemic? According to The Muse there are a number of industries hiring during the pandemic including shipping and delivery jobs, grocery and food delivery, childcare, online teaching, and others. Major stores such as Lowes, Walmart, Aldi, and others are also continuing to hire employees.  with restaurants slowly starting to open back up, I’m hoping my friends who work in the service industry will find themselves safely employed once again.

I work in the field of education, specifically teaching English as a second language. There are always plenty of opportunities to teach online, but these usually pay a good deal less than my current job at the university. The university has not decided yet if classes will continue online in the fall. There is still much to discuss. I’ve dabbled in online teaching jobs before, and they’re just not as a rewarding as traditional classes. 

Now might also be a good time to pick up on the new skills such as coding or computer programming. Since much of the world is operating in a digital format, there is a high demand for skilled code writers. Writing code is a skill anyone can invest in at home with their computer and Internet service. It doesn’t always require a degree which is good for those trying to save money. 

For now I’m going to stay optimistic and hope that student enrollment increases by the fall so that I can continue teaching at my current position. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a few back up jobs lined up just in case. For now I think I will consider teaching online for a number of organizations. Do you have a Plan B in place if your employment falls through?

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