Day 63: Embrace the Change

It’s clear that things are never going to be “normal” again. Whatever we knew as normal before, is a thing of the past. Once the pandemic is over and we are no longer on lockdown, we’ll start living our new normal. And I wonder what this future is going to look like.

Some of these changes might be positive. For instance, working from home could become the new norm which is a revolutionary concept that would be most beneficial to new parents or people who can’t work in a traditional setting. Hopefully, this whole experience will make people a little more empathetic (but with the number of those still angry that they have to wear masks or remain at home, this seems unlikely). Other changes might be devastating. I’m curious to see what this pandemic will do to the economy, small businesses, and the healthcare system. It’s my hope that this crisis will shine a light on the weaknesses in our political system and that we’ll start prioritizing things that matter most such as the environment, the health of the people, and a system that advocates for our wellbeing over the market. Again I’m probably being too optimistic.

A survey was conducted by Politico Magazine about how this pandemic will change our life by more than 30 macro thinkers. The predictions are largely positive. For instance, many predict that we’ll reevaluate our healthcare system and adjusted accordingly. Another prediction is that people will once again put their trust in science and the experts. I certainly hope so. Sometimes I feel like we’re living in an age of superstition and ignorance. And the longer people choose ignorance, the longer this pandemic will last. Whether the results are mostly positive or negative, one thing is for sure, there’s no going back to normal. Change is coming. And are you ready to embrace that change?

Being adaptable means that you’re open to any challenge or a changing situation despite your current skills or your background. It means you can take on a challenge and put your preconceived judgments aside. Historically speaking, the people who resist change are the ones that get left behind. Look at any event in world history: the ones fighting for change, the ones embracing the change, the ones who are ready to adapt, are those who survive. I say bring it on future. I’m ready for something different. I’m ready to embrace the change.

In the words of the great Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

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