Day 64: How much do you know about South America?

I love studying. I especially love history and geography. And since there’s going to be a little more lock down time left, I’ve decided to start studying countries grouped by continent. South America seems like a good start. This week I want to memorize the following pertaining to South America:

  • history
  • geography
  • country capitals
  • country flags
  • famous people
  • culture
  • cuisine

My favorite resources to study the history, profiles, and culture of countries include:

I use this website to memorize geography, capitals, and flags:

If you want to join me in my studies, here’s a list of the 13 South American countries I’ll be studying.

Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia
Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of Chile Chile
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
Flag of French Guiana French Guiana
Flag of Guyana Guyana
Flag of Paraguay Paraguay
Flag of Peru Peru
Flag of Suriname Suriname
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela

Can you locate each country on a map?

Can you identify each country’s flag and capital?

How much do you know about each country, the culture, food, and people? Additional topics worth reading about include literature, music, food, language, religion, TV, movies, and others.



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