Day 73: What are the top 5 destinations on your travel bucket list?

I like making lists. It’s a good distraction, and right now, I feel like we could use a good distraction. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a list of places they’d like to travel to in the world. I, myself, have done some extensive traveling, but I haven’t been to every place on my bucket list. Here’s my top 5 travel destinations with descriptions by

Tokyo, Japan

“In Tokyo you can experience the whole breadth of Japanese arts and culture. Centuries-old forms of performing arts still play on stages and sumo tournaments draw crowds; every spring, Tokyoites head outside to appreciate the cherry blossoms – a tradition older than the city itself. There are museums covering every era of Japanese art history and also ones that focus on the contemporary – challenging the old distinctions between art with a capital A, pop culture and technology. But there’s a playful side to all of this, too: Tokyo is, after all, a city whose public artworks include a scale model of an anime robot.”


Japan is at the top of my bucket list, specifically Tokyo. I’m fascinated by Japanese art, music, food, and culture. I especially love Japanese food because it’s just so fresh and healthy. With most of my travel destinations, the outdoors are the most important element and Japan is incredibly beautiful. If I ever get to visit, I want to ride the bullet train, eat tons of sushi, dress up like a geisha, and meditate in one of the zen gardens.

Yellowstone National Park

“The sights of Yellowstone are so fantastic that when the first white person to visit described what was there, he was roundly criticized as delirious or possibly a liar. It wasn’t until the world saw the paintings of Thomas Moran from the Hayden Expedition some 70 years later that people began to believe such a wondrous place could exist.”


This travel bucket list goal should be easy to accomplish since it’s in my home country. I’m waiting for the right opportunity to visit and enough time off. I don’t want to rush this trip. Did you know 60% of the world’s geysers are in this national park? The park spreads across Wyoming and partly into Montana and Idaho. Many of the sights to see include rivers, forests, hot springs, and a variety of animal species. We’re so fortunate to live in a country that protects national forests. Let’s strive to keep it that way!

Machu Picchu

“Shrouded by mist and surrounded by lush vegetation and steep escarpments, the sprawling Inca citadel of Machu Picchu lives up to every expectation. In a spectacular location, it’s the most famous archaeological site on the continent, a must for all visitors to Peru. Like the Mona Lisa or the pyramids, it has been seared into our collective consciousness, though nothing can diminish the thrill of being here. This awe-inspiring ancient city was never revealed to the conquering Spaniards and was virtually forgotten until the early part of the 20th century.”


I’ve always been infatuated with South America ever since my month-long trip to Ecuador. It’s so lush and beautiful especially in the Andes mountains. I haven’t been to Peru yet, but when I do go, I must see the lost Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. It was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1983 and was voted one of the seven new wonders of the world in 2007.


“An underpopulated island marooned near the top of the globe, Iceland is, literally, a country in the making. It’s a vast volcanic laboratory where mighty forces shape the earth: geysers gush, mudpots gloop, ice-covered volcanoes rumble and glaciers cut great pathways through the mountains. Its supercharged splendour seems designed to remind visitors of their utter insignificance in the greater scheme of things. And it works a treat: some crisp clean air, an eyeful of the cinematic landscapes, and everyone is transfixed.”


Iceland tops my list because of the nature, the people, and a lot of other reasons. Mostly I want to hike the trails, take a dip in one of the geothermal pools, and hopefully go at a time when I can observe the aurora borealis. I’ve read that the people here are some of the happiest in the world.


“Hugging the lower slopes of the magnificent, snowcapped Alborz Mountains, Tehran is Iran’s most secular and liberal city. Spend time here – as you should – and you’ll soon realise that the city is so much more than a chaotic jumble of concrete and crazy traffic blanketed by a miasma of air pollution. This is the nation’s dynamic beating heart and the place to get a handle on modern Iran and what its future will likely be.”


I’ve always been fascinated with Iranian culture. The country is beautiful and the food is amazing. Mostly, I’d like to meet the people and see what they’re like. Iran seems like one of those misunderstood countries and those are the best to go to in my opinion. There’s so much history there and I’d love to see the incredible architecture, historical sites, and of course, spend some time in Tehran, the capital.

These are my top 5 travel destinations.

What’s yours?

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  1. Good list. I’m planning to travel to Russia with some friends since some people went there for the world cup championship, and they love it. Also, to visit Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy’s homeland! Japan is going to be my solo destination experience, which I have never done before. If there were not political conflicts in Iran, I would definitely want to visit it.

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