Day 75: Visiting Historic Commercial Street

My hometown is slowly starting to open back up with precautions of course. The farmer’s market was going strong on historic Commercial street. I figured this would be a great opportunity for a cultural experience for my Fulbright students. My two students from Africa were thrilled to meet some fellow Africans: a young woman from Kenya selling handmade jewelry and a lovely woman from South Africa. It’s always so encouraging to see this kind of diversity in my hometown.

The farmer’s market had a good number of vendors. I discussed herbs, plants, and locally made items with my students. They were grateful for the chance to buy some local honey and other souvenirs. Afterward we strolled along the street and visited a few shops. Most were closed but we got to look at some antiques at The Vintage Suitcase and we browsed some incredible handmade items at A Wench in the Gear. We even got to pet the store’s mascot, an enormous Great Dane.

We ended our excursion with a few drinks from Big Momma’s. It was nice to see a few places open, but hopefully everyone’s still taking necessary precautions. I can’t wait for more opportunities to support local businesses. I’ve missed my shops! Stay safe out there and don’t forget to shop local.

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