Day 85: It’s not that hard to know right from wrong.

I don’t know why it’s difficult for people to know when something is harmful or not.

I don’t understand why people think they need a book of ethics, a religion, or some kind of preset moral guide to know right from wrong.

It’s not that hard.

Just ask yourself these questions:

Is what I’m about to do/say potentially harmful?

Am I contributing positivity or spreading negativity in my actions and words?

Do I leave people and places better off than before?

Am I good to people, animals, and the planet?

Nothing about this post is compelling or interesting. I just don’t understand people sometimes.

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One thought on “Day 85: It’s not that hard to know right from wrong.

  1. In my opinion, this is a very compelling post, there is one blog for each of the nine sentences; they conjure up some interesting thoughts. My first thought was pertaining to Subjective Conscientiousness which we all realize for ourselves but how about the ways it impacts others? Is our attitude; I got mine too bad for you?

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