Day 88: Garden Progress!!!

The garden is exploding! Weeks of rain followed by all this sunshine and now we can’t keep up with everything ready to be harvested. The herbs especially are going nuts. There’s so much dill, oregano, sage, and cilantro we’ve had to cut it back. Anyone want some fresh herbs?

We’ve also got a ton of kale and lettuce ready to go. Fortunately, I love salads, but man, that’s a lot.

The blackberry bush is going strong. There’s a bird family living inside and we’re careful not to disturb it. These berries will be ready in no time and hopefully, I’ll have a blackberry baking party.

Surprisingly, the tomato plants haven’t gotten much bigger. What do they need? More sunshine?

I planted the squash and cucumbers from seeds so I’m thrilled to see them blooming. Is it true you have to rub the flowers together to get them to turn into fruit?

I absolutely love gardening and this has been a pretty good year for it. I can’t wait to see what it looks like mid-summer. How’s your garden coming along?

2 thoughts on “Day 88: Garden Progress!!!

  1. If you have pollinators, they will do the work for you. If not, you can pick the male flowers, remove the petals and rub them inside the female flowers in order to get squash.


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