Day 97: Things my Father Taught Me

What a wonderful Father’s Day! The weather was absolutely perfect and I got to enjoy the day with my family. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have come from such great people. It was nice to see my grandparents again, and we all enjoyed a fabulous barbecue outdoors. I’m glad to have the opportunity to celebrate my parents as I am lucky to have had such great ones. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had it not been for the patience, love, and guidance of my father. Here are some of the best things he taught me.

Financial Skills (picking up walnuts)

In addition to teaching me how to ride a bike and drive a car, my dad taught me good financial skills. This has been one of the most beneficial things I was taught. When we were children, my dad took us out to pick up walnuts which you can sell for a small amount of money. I can’t remember how much money I made doing this, but I do remember the feeling of having earned my own money and getting to spend it however I wanted. Now, as a woman in her 30s, I am proud to say that I have purchased and paid off more than one car, both owned and sold a home, I am completely debt-free including my student loans which I paid off before my 30th birthday, and I am now saving up to purchase another home. I owe my financial skills to my dad.

My dad supporting my artistic endeavors

Music Appreciation (you better holler!)

I remember vividly as a young teenager listening to live music with my dad at some event. After each musician played a solo bit on their instrument, I was mortified as my dad would make a spectacle by hollering and clapping. Of course, I didn’t understand the significance of music appreciation at the time. My dad leaned down next to me and said “when a musician plays live music like this, you better holler.” And I’ve remembered that ever since.


Being Open-minded (just try it)

I get my adventurous spirit from my dad. I’ve always said that if I went on the show the Amazing Race I would want my dad to be my travel partner. He has the uncanny ability to blend in to any situation he’s put in. And I’ve never seen anyone make friends quite as easily as him. These skills are especially useful when traveling abroad. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to travel to another country with my dad yet, but I know if I did he would be down to try any weird food or partake in any exciting adventure. I’m grateful to have been encouraged to try new things as being open to new experiences has been a major driving force in my life.

My dad nervously seeing me off to Saudi Arabia (2014)

Be Safe (and shoot straight)

My dad taught me how to be an independent person. I remember the first time I got a flat tire, he didn’t change it for me, but showed me how and helped me. He also taught me how to shoot a gun, a skill I’ll hopefully never have to use. I believe it’s important for fathers to teach their daughters how to protect themselves, and I’m so grateful to have a dad who encouraged me to be strong, independent, and self-reliant. And though I’m still very nervous to shoot a gun (I close both eyes) I’m grateful for all the lessons. 

Shooting Lesson

Thank you so much dad for always being a great influence on me. I value these lessons and the ones to come!

Happy Father’s Day!

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