DAY 100: One Hundred Days of Quarantine!

We did it! 100 days of quarantine, and 100 blog posts. Though to be fair some of my posts were recycled from long ago and others were pretty short. Be that as it may, I do feel proud for keeping up with this daily blog. However, this covid-19 blog is ending prematurely, just like the lockdowns. Based on what I’ve read this pandemic is far from over and we certainly shouldn’t be mixing and mingling like we are. I admire those of you who have taken this virus seriously and done your part to not spread it. I’m careful to wear my mask when I go to stores and when I grocery shop, and I’d like to air high-five those of you who also have worn your masks without complaint.

These last 100 days have been pretty interesting. The lockdown started around St. Patrick’s Day and ended around Father’s Day. Can you believe it’s been that long? During that time I had a number of goals, challenges, bets, and promises. I promised several nurse friends to treat them out to dinner or to a movie, but I’m going to defer to them when they feel like it’s safe to venture out. I don’t want to jeopardize anybody’s health or put anyone at risk by prematurely celebrating. I made a bet about when quarantine would end and now I owe a number of people shots. I am looking forward to that. I also had a number of goals I wanted to accomplish before the lockdown ended, but alas, I have not completed them yet.

My e-book is almost done and still going through the editing process. I’ll publish it once it’s completely done. I’ve gotten closer to finishing that Super Mario Brothers song, but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be so I haven’t quite accomplished that goal either. And finally I am in the process of trying to upload tutorial videos on YouTube. Still working on that one too.

I would like to use this last blog post to offer my condolences to the family members of the over 120,000 people who have died. The numbers are tragic. If you’ve lost a loved one, I hope you find some peace and healing. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our nurses and other healthcare workers. Where would we be without you guys? And I also think we should thank our essential workers who have had to continue to work through these troubling times often without any additional compensation of any kind. It’s been a pretty interesting year and it’s only going to get more interesting. Finally, I would encourage everyone to stay optimistic, stay healthy, use common sense, and reflect on the last 100 days. What have you learned? How have you grown? And what’s the most important lesson we should take away from this experience?

Stay safe!

Stay healthy!

See you in future non-Corona related posts.


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