My 2016 Trip to Egypt

I traveled to Egypt in the fall of 2016 to celebrate my 30th birthday. Due to the travel advisory warnings, we were some of the only tourists there. I never felt unsafe though. The people were so wonderful and welcoming.

Of course, the Great Pyramids of Giza was one of the most incredible sites I’ve ever been to.

Being up close to them is surreal. We couldn’t go inside, but we did get to see the inside of a different pyramid.

Ancient cup holders?

Equally surreal in person is the Great Sphinx. This is a replica because it’s hard to get close enough to get a photo. Seeing these ancient sites puts history in perspective, and I absolutely love ancient history.

I got to pet and ride a camel. Being that high up in the air was a little unsettling.

We visit a mosaic museum and bought some souvenirs.

And of course we managed to book a hotel overlooking the Nile river.

Shopping in Cairo

I hope I get to visit this beautiful country again someday. It should be on every person’s travel bucket list!

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