Have you been to Lebanon?

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. If you’re curious about the Middle East, but you want a little modern flair, I recommend Lebanon, especially Beirut. The people are wonderful, the food was fantastic, and there was a plethora of sites to visit. Here are some of the highlights from my trip.

Taking the Telefèric up the mountain to see the Lady of Lebanon.

The view was absolutely amazing. Lebanon is really a beautiful country with all its trees and scenery.

We explored a lot of the city, did some shopping, and ate a lot of amazing food. Lebanese food is some of my most favorite in the entire world.

My favorite thing I did in Lebanon was visit the city of Byblos and explore all the ruins. These ruins are absolutely breathtaking and despite the close proximity to the Syrian border, I never felt unsafe while traveling here.

We saw a lot of other sites and visited the national museum as well. There’s so much to do, a week simply wasn’t enough time, so I’ll definitely come back someday.

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