The 30 Countries I’ve seen so far!

As I prepare for my next trip abroad – CHINA! I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce over all the countries I’ve already been to. I’m celebrating 30 countries seen so far, but to clarify – I’m counting my home country, Cayman Islands (technically not a country), and the Netherlands. I spent one night in Amsterdam and didn’t get to do anything fun because I was sick, but I made it there none the less. Here’s a list of the 30 countries I’ve seen so far!

1.) The United States

2.) Mexico

3.) Jamaica

4.) Cayman Islands

5.) Ecuador

6.) Saudi Arabia

7.) Bahrain

8.) Lebanon

9.) Qatar

10.) Kuwait

11.) United Arab Emirates

12.) Germany

13.) Austria

14.) Czech Republic

15.) India

16.) Singapore

17.) Malaysia

18.) Thailand

19.) Turkey

20.) Netherlands

21.) Jordan

22.) Maldives

23.) Egypt

24.) Oman

25.) Russia

26.) Uzbekistan

27.) Tajikistan

28.) Turkmenistan

29.) Kyrgyzstan

30.) Kazakhstan

My favorite country I’ve been to so far is Jordan! I would absolutely see Jordan again! I could go on and on about each country, but I’ve covered most of these in other blog posts, so instead, here’s a video montage showing the highlights of my trips! Can’t wait to get back on the road!

Happy Trails!

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