Total Home Remodel Part 3: Building a Driveway

The second project I decided to work on with my house was creating a driveway so I could have a place to park my bus. This was a fun and easy project to do that didn’t cost me a lot of money. First, I plotted out the area where I wanted my bus to go. Then I checked various gravel and landscape businesses to compare prices. I decided to go with McMullen because they were the easiest to get ahold of and had the best prices. A good friend of mine walked me through the whole process including the amount of gravel I would need and which type and the best way to spread it out.

First, I had to order the gravel since sometimes it can take days for it to be delivered. The gravel was surprisingly cheap – $28 a ton. I had to cover an area of 400 square feet so I bought 4 tons of gravel. I had the delivery scheduled and they arrived right on time.

Then, I bought 60 paver stones to outline the driveway area. I wanted to use 4X4s, but they were so expensive that I decided to go with some cheap paver stones. It cost me $24 for the stones. I probably should have dug out the site where I put them, but I just placed them on the ground to outline the area.

Finally, after the gravel was delivered, I had to get it all spread out. Unfortunately, the delivery truck couldn’t dump it in the backyard because there wasn’t enough clearance from the roof, so it got dumped in a heap at the gate. I was going to have someone come out and spread it using a Bobcat, but a good friend offered to spread it using a wheelbarrow and shovel for $100.

The end result looks great and my bus fit perfectly! I’m so happy to finally have my skoolie in my backyard so that I can start working on it, too! The next project will be much bigger than this one: the basement!

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