Total Home Remodel Part 6: New Back Door

This will be a short blog post because the project was relatively easy. I had to replace my back door because the old one was just terrible. The handle was broken and I could barely get it open. And I was only able to lock it by sticking a bar in between the wall in the door.

So I hired a good friend to come replace the door. I wanted French doors instead of a sliding door. The new doors cost me about $650. My friend removed the old sliding doors and stacked them in the backyard, and now I’m wondering if there’s some fun project I could do with them.

I was afraid we would have to cut out and build a new frame, but much to my surprise the door fit very snuggly in the space. There was some termite damage, however, and we had to fill in the gap with spray foam.

After getting the frame put in, which was the hardest step, the rest of the process was a breeze. Thank goodness for handy friends! I love my new French doors, and I think they look great!

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