Total Home Remodel Part 6: Windows

Winter is here although it doesn’t always feel like it. Hopefully, we get a few hard freezers to kill off all the ticks and mosquitoes otherwise summer is going to be a nightmare. If that cold weather does eventually come, my fixer upper home might be hard to heat. I am so relieved that I was able to accomplish another home remodeling project before the really cold weather hits – new windows!

The old windows

I bought my house back in September 2020, and I’ve been making a lot of progress on the house. I’ve successfully de-molded and waterproofed the basement. I had a privacy fence installed. My mom helped me make my front landscaping look beautiful. I had a gravel driveway put in so that I could park my bus without it sinking in my backyard. And I’m almost done with my kitchen. Trying to remodel a home post-Covid is a nightmare. There’s a shortage of supplies which means prices have skyrocketed although it sounds like they’re finally starting to balance out. Everything is taking twice as long and costing twice as much. Fortunately, after a long wait my windows finally arrived.

This is not the kind of home remodeling project I do myself. I had professionals come and install them and haul off the old ones. I wasn’t sure when they would arrive so I had sealed everything up with plastic to prepare for the winter. Ironically, I got the call that they were in the next day. So it goes. These new windows are fantastic and I can already tell a difference in the draft in my house. I’m so glad this major project is over and now I can do the fun stuff! Hopefully my kitchen will be done next!

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