Zero Waste Challenge Day 2: No More Plastic Straws!

The next step in the Zero Waste Challenge focuses on simple swaps from single use to reusable. And the first swap I’m going to try is making the switch to reusable straws instead of plastic ones. Plastic straws pose a number of environmental hazards; they’re not biodegradable, they’re difficult to recycle, they’re small so can be easily misplaced in our oceans and other places. By switching to metal straws or simply saying no to straws altogether, we can eliminate a lot of plastic waste.

A small switch from plastic straws to reusable ones might not seem like a big deal, but like any good change, if enough people do it, the impact is there. If restaurants took the initiative to stop providing plastic straws altogether, think of how much plastic waste would be prevented. Unfortunately, many good decisions for greener living falls on the individual. The good news is that a simple swap like this is easy and affordable. So which type of reusable straw do you like best? There are many different kinds.

Bamboo straws are good for hot and cold drinks and are naturally antibacterial.

Glass straws have a risk of being broken, but are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Silicone straws are durable and good for children.

Metal straws are a popular option and are probably the easiest to recycle if need be.

I’m going to stock up on metal straws because they also make for nice gifts for anyone trying to live a greener life. What’s your favorite plastic straw alternative?

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