Zero Waste Challenge Day 4: Coffee

Now that I’ve cut back on plastic straws and water bottles, it’s time to focus on other ways to reduce waste and opt for reusable options. I recently bought this adorable reusable coffee mug from one of my favorite local coffee shops. I was so sad during Covid when I wasn’t able to bring my reusable cup, but public safety is a priority. Now that Covid numbers are going down, I can bring my cup to the shop again. But it’s not just reusable mugs that help make a difference in the green movement.

If you’re making coffee at home, are you saving those coffee grounds to put in the compost? If you must use a traditional coffee pot, you can compost both the filters and the grounds. These are great for compost and loved by gardeners. Even if gardening is not your thing, you can still have a compost bin to make available to friends or neighbors.

Do you have a favorite coffee brand that you buy, and is it sustainable and ethically sourced? These days I’m trying to be more aware of what I buy and where it comes from. Coffee has been a controversial topic at times because of fair trade violations and a lack of sustainability practices. Opt for companies that are fair trade, ethical, and sustainable. Here’s a list of coffee brands that meet the mark.

If you have a Keurig, consider using the refillable pods instead of the ones that get thrown away. I personally love using a Keurig, but those little pods are so wasteful. Some less wasteful methods for making coffee include the Moka pot which was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I absolutely love it. You can also use a French press to reduce unnecessary use of filters.

Green living does not mean we have to give up the things we love. By being aware of how we get our coffee, how we make our coffee, and how we take it to go, we can enjoy these little pleasures without contributing to the landfills. Enjoy your daily brew!

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