Zero Waste Challenge Day 11: Conserving Resources

As a homeowner, conserving natural resources is already on my radar. I don’t want to rack up an enormous utility bill. Often green living goes hand in hand with frugality. It’s just one of many benefits of an eco-conscious attitude. I can’t stand waste and that includes water and electricity. So day 11 of Kathryn’s Zero Waste Challenge focuses on saving resources like water and electricity.

I have no trouble saving electricity, but water is a little more challenging. I like to take long, hot showers, but this is wasteful. I’m going to try to shorten by shower time to conserve water. I already do the little things like shutting off the faucet when I’m brushing my teeth and saving water for my houseplants instead of just letting it go down the drain. Another way to conserve water is to cut down on the number of animal products consumed. A lot of water is used for animal agriculture. By switching to a primarily plant-based diet, we can avoid using up so much of this precious resource.

Electricity can be saved in other ways by turning off lights and appliances when not in use and unplugging those that aren’t being used at all. This can also be better for your small appliances. I’m also intrigued by solar power, but unfortunately, my house is not positioned in such a way that solar panels would be that beneficial. I’ll probably make that investment in a future home someday. I’ll be updating some of my appliances soon, and another thing I can do is to shop for Energy Star certified brands.

These are just some little things that can be done to conserve water and electricity. Sciencing and ERC have several other suggestions. Little changes like taking shorter showers and unplugging appliances might not seem like a big deal, but when enough people make these small changes, the results are significant. We should all do our part to have as little an impact on the planet as possible.

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