Zero Waste Challenge Day 17: Lunch Time

Much of the zero waste challenge revolves around food and how to not waste it. It’s something that I’ve blogged about extensively, but it’s still a hard habit to get into. Day 17 focuses on zero waste lunches. I already blogged about zero waste snacks so the principle is pretty much the same.

Avoid excess packaging

Avoid fast food and processed foods

Prep your meals in advance

Commit to the meal

Cook instead of eating out

I’m not much of a cook, so this is all very much a challenge for me. One way that I avoid excess packaging and unnecessary waste is by getting canned goods. I love soup. It’s easy and requires no prep. The cans are so much easier to recycle than other types of packaging. But here are some other tips from the going zero waste blog for having a greener, healthier lunchtime:

“You can carry everything in a big lunch sack or bag with you to work, for starters. As far as storing the actual food goes, there are so many options.

Here are some zero waste lunch essentials:

I’m looking forward to eating healthier, zero-waste lunches. This is going to be a bit of a challenge for me, but I’m committed to living the greenest life possible. Here goes nothing!

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