Zero Waste Challenge Day 19: Eat your Leftovers

So far in the zero waste challenge we’ve covered a lot of lifestyle changes. Most of the focus is switching from disposable items to those that can be reused and finding ways to be l as wasteful. We’ve already talked about a lot of different methods for not wasting food, and one of those is to eat your leftovers.

Ideally, we should be cooking far more than we eat out, but eating out has always been a weakness of mine. I love going to restaurants and through drive-thru’s, but it can be wasteful. The disposable cups and containers used for food on the go aren’t recyclable. And due to the large portions from restaurants, a lot of the food gets wasted. Day 19 of the Zero Waste Challenge is a reminder to finish those leftovers and avoid unnecessary packaging. One change I can make is bringing my own Tupperware containers with me so that I don’t have to take their to go boxes. It might be hard to remember in the beginning, but like any habit, all it takes is practice.

Wish me luck!

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