Zero Waste Challenge Day 28: Shop Local

I recently blogged about the importance of shopping resale and buying items second hand. It’s also important to shop local and keep money in your community. This cuts down on transportation costs and the burning of fossil fuels to move goods. It also prevents unnecessary packaging for the items being shipped. By shopping local, you put your money in the hands of community members instead of major corporations. It’s my goal to buy as much as I can from my local community. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping local:


There are numerous farmer’s markets in most cities in the United States. People grow their own food or raise their own meat. This produce is often healthier and more ethical than factory farms. Check out the times and locations of your local farmer’s market.


Resale shops are incredibly popular. There are at least 10 – 15 different resale shops here in my hometown alone. Shopping resale prevents further production of clothes and prevents environmentally harmful practices like fast fashion. Plus you’re more likely to find something unique and save money in the process!

Home Goods

Whether you’re shopping for furniture, décor, or other household items, they can all be found at local thrift stores and flea markets. I never buy anything new anymore. Everything I need for my home can be found at local shops.


It’s not just grocery shopping that can be purchased locally. Many restaurant owners are local and don’t own chains. Next time you eat out, why not give your money to the small business owner instead of a major restaurant chain.

Shopping local does wonders for the community. Every holiday season I encourage people to buy their gifts from local shops instead of shopping online or from major retailers. When we put money in the community, we invest in a safer, cleaner society. Happy shopping!

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