Zero Waste Challenge Day 30: Political Activism

We’re almost to the end of the Zero Waste Challenge and Day 30 focuses on political activism. One thing Kathryn stresses in her blog that I absolutely agree with is that we should be more focused on local government than federal. It’s easy to get hung up on the higher up political positions, but our influence and power is really centered at home. What can we do in our local communities to help make our society greener and cleaner?

Well, for starters, you need to make sure you’re registered to vote. Some people don’t like to participate in politics because it’s divisive and controversial, but we have a say in this country and we should be glad to have the right to leave our mark for future generations. You can check to see if you’re registered to vote from . Once you’re registered you can get involved with city council and focus on the causes important to you.

You can also start petitions by collecting signatures. If you feel not enough is being done on a particular issue, get involved and see if you can rally a group to support your cause. Or you can also join the various green living groups in your community. There is certainly power in number. Some people think a single vote doesn’t matter, but when a lot of people have that mentality, they miss out on the opportunity to influence the decisions in their local community. So get involved. Join some green living groups. And don’t forget to VOTE!

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