How to Make a Cassette Tape Lamp

After I saw this super cute cassette tape centerpiece on Etsy, I decided to make my own using the spare cassette tapes leftover from the estate sale. This is one of the easiest upcycling projects I’ve done. All you need is eight cassette tapes, hot glue gun, and your choice of lighting. I prefer battery-powered LED lights so that I can place the lamp anywhere I want, but you can use one that plugs in also. However, do NOT use this centerpiece for candles or anything with an open flame as film is incredibly flammable!

First, you’ll glue two cassette tapes together, one on top of the other, longways. You’ll do this four times with your cassette tapes until you have all four sides ready.

After that, you’ll glue the edges together to form a box. Make sure you alternate which sides get glued down, otherwise, the box won’t be symmetrical.

Finally, choose a base for your lamp. I had leftover cassette tape cases, and I glued two together and then glued the finished box on top. After that, you can put your lights inside.

This was a super fun and easy project to do and these little cassette tape lamps would make great gifts or centerpieces at an 80s themed party! I can’t wait to try out more projects.

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