5 Ways to Upcycle Glass Containers

Only about 30% of the glass discarded in the United States gets recycled which is unfortunate because glass is 100% recyclable and doesn’t lose its purity or quality. However, due to difficulties with transportation and handling of the potentially dangerous material, glass recycling is still a challenge for many. So what can we do with our glass products like wine bottles, jars, and other containers? Here are some ideas I’d like to try!

Food Containers

Glass jars make for great food containers. They wash easily and they’re plastic free. They also make for a great Tupperware alternative. I save all of my glass jars and use them for dried goods and other food items or for saving leftovers.

Vases and Décor

Another easy way to reuse jars and bottles is to make a simple vase for flowers or other plants. The opening is small, but it’s perfect for a few flowers. Wine bottles are also great for simple painting projects or other fun décor. I’ve seen lots of tutorials for various types of textured paint and other ways to use bottles and glass for decoration.

Oil Lamp

These oil lamps are so cool looking and this project doesn’t involve any cutting which is why it appeals to me. They make great Tiki torches for outdoor get togethers or an emergency oil lamp. Here’s a tutorial to make one!


Light Fixture

If you have the ability to cut glass (I have the tools, but I’m nervous to try), you can turn a wine bottle into a nifty light fixture. I think this project is super cool, and once I get my proper tools out, I’d love to give it a try. If you have a glass cutter, you can also make candles, glasses, or other items with wine bottles. Here’s a tutorial for how to safely cut the glass.



An old jar doesn’t need any changes to be a planter, but these self-watering wine bottle planters will require some cutting. These would be perfect for herbs. I’m definitely going to try this one once I break out my glass cutting tools.

There are lots of other fun activities you can do with old wine bottles or other glass containers. These are the 5 projects I’d like to try the most. What fun glass upcycling projects have you tried? I can’t wait to get started.

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