Best Practices for a Greener Life

With the every-growing threat of climate change constantly in the news, many people (myself included) have started asking “what can I do to reduce my carbon footprint?” There is a ton of advice, blogs, and articles all about living a greener life, and much of the advice can be summed up in a simple phrase “less is more.” Here are 5 of my favorite green living practices:

Consume Less

I’ve been promoting the concept of minimalism for some time now. I try not to buy anything I don’t need. This not only saves money, but also reduces the burning of fossil fuels to manufacture and ship the products purchased. My favorite way to combat unnecessary production and consumption is by shopping used and shopping local whenever I can.

Eat Greener

Both the meat and dairy industry have a terrible impact on the environment due to deforestation and farming practices. By eating a primarily plant-based diet, we’re not only living healthier lives, we’re reducing our carbon footprint. Not ready to give up meat or dairy? Consider cutting back and reducing the amount you consume or looking into alternatives. For instance, oat milk is absolutely delicious! I’ve made the switch.

Ditch the Disposables

Plastic waste is a huge problem that we’ve yet learned how to tackle. Plastic can take 100s of years to decompose and ends up in our waterways and environment. By avoiding single-use plastics and opting for reusable items, we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. I hope legislation can be passed soon to ban plastic bags, straws, and other single-use plastic items.

Green Upgrades

If you’re remodeling, upgrading, or looking to make a new purchase, consider the greenest option. As technology improves, greener, more eco-friendly options have become more widely available. Consider a hybrid or electric car for your next purchase. Choose Energy Star appliances when upgrading at home, and research the latest and green living practices. Every small change can make a difference.

Phase out Fossil Fuels

Most importantly, we must phase out fossil fuels. As individuals, we can make choices like riding a bike instead of driving or consuming less energy to keep utility bills down. We can also get involved in movements and activism. Corporations must be held accountable for their environmentally-harmful practices. It’s time to get out there and vote and make our voices heard. It’s time to advocate for greener, cleaner energy and sustainability!

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