How Green is your Community?

Understanding the eco-friendly companies and resources in your area will help you on your green living journey. Here are just some of what to look for in a sustainable community: local restaurants, farmer’s markets, community gardens, public transportation, bike friendly areas, recycling centers, compost centers, parks and green areas, local farms and gardens, eco-friendly events and organizations, and green leaders who encourage environmental initiatives. If you’re trying to get involved in the green movement in your local community, ask the following questions:

Where are the local restaurants and businesses?

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Eating locally puts money back in the community. Oftentimes, they’re more likely to incorporate sustainable practices in their business. Get a list of local restaurants and businesses in your area and avoid the chains.

Where can I find the nicest parks and offer my support?

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Having green spaces is wonderful for a community. It’s not only enjoyable for the local people, it’s better for wildlife and pollinators. Look for local parks and see if they’re in need of volunteers.

Is there any public transportation and how can it be improved?

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Public transportation prevents too many cars on the road. Traffic is such a problem, especially in bigger cities. Having a good public transportation system is a must for lowering our carbon footprint.

Where can I bring my recycling?

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Get in touch with your local recycling centers. Find out what they take and where they ship the recyclables. Also consider other waste management businesses, metal scrapping, and electronic recycling.

Are there plenty of resale shops and flea markets? 

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Shopping resale breaks the cycle of production and transportation which takes a heavy toll on the environment. Shop resale and check out the local flea markets and antique stores before heading to a big box store.

Is there a farmer’s market?

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Support your local farmers and gardeners by hitting the farmer’s market. Local produce is not only good for the environment and community, it’s often tastier and healthier. Find out which grocery stores carry local produce and farm fresh meats.

Are there any organizations I can join that encourage green living? 

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Remember, we’re not alone in our fight against climate change. Look for like-minded people in your community and consider joining the organizations and clubs that are working for a greener community.

Are there any eco-friendly initiatives on the ballot? 

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Don’t forget to vote. Oftentimes, eco-friendly issues arise on the ballot. Make your voice heard and volunteer when necessary.

Getting involved in your local community can help provide the support needed to live a greener life. Surround yourself with like-minded people and check out all of the local businesses that encourage green living.

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