Eco-Friendly Swaps for the Home

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We’ve examined easy ways to replace single-use products with reusable ones, but there are other eco-friendly swaps that can make a big difference. Here are some changes that can be made around the home for a greener and cleaner life.

Living Room

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LED lightbulbs cut electricity usage and are a great eco swap from traditional light bulbs. These can be used throughout the home.

Power your electronics with rechargeable batteries.


kitchen and dining area

Use clothes and reusable paper towels in place of paper napkins and disposable paper towels.

Ditch the plastic wrap and aluminum foil for silicone covers and beeswax wrap.

Consider making your own cleaning products or choosing eco-friendly brands instead of harsh chemicals and bleach.

Use a regular coffee pot or French press instead of disposable coffee pods. You can also opt for loose leaf tea instead of the plastic tea bags.


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Consider replacing your sheets and liens with bamboo or other natural fibers. These aren’t only more comfortable and sustainable, but also hypoallergenic.

Clean out your closets and consider changing your clothing habits. Replace synthetic materials with those made of cotton and wool. And shop resale when possible.


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Ditch the beauty products that come in plastic bottles and opt for zero waste shampoo and soap bars. These products tend to use natural ingredients and are less likely to have environmentally harmful chemicals.

You can also find zero waste floss and toothpaste products as well as bamboo toothbrushes.

Look for eco-friendly toilet paper made from hemp or bamboo. And swap out any single-use products like make-up wipes for reusable, washable cloths.

Safety razors are a great alternative to disposable razors.

Do a thorough sweep of your home and see what eco-friendly swaps can be made for a greener life.

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