10 Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Greener Life

woman holding a net bag with flowering plant

Small changes can make a big difference, and when it comes to living a more eco-conscious lifestyle, making these small adjustments, can go a long way. We’ve already talked about ways to cut down on packaging, avoiding food waste, and eco-friendly swaps around the home, but there are more ways to have a positive impact on the environment. Here’s a list of easy lifestyle changes that anyone can do to live a greener, cleaner life:

  • Shop in season and buy from local farmers to avoid unnecessary shipping of produce.
photograph of a person s hand picking vegetables
  • Borrow instead of buy. If there’s an item you only need once or twice, see if a friend has it.
person using dewalt cordless impact driver on brown board
  • Consider gardening for your own produce and herbs.
crop photo of person planting seedling in garden soil
  • Use cast-iron and stainless steel for cooking instead of non-stick cookware.
cooked vegetable on pan
  • Start giving experiences as gifts instead of stuff such as tickets to events or other activities.
man handing over tickets to a customer
  • Get more houseplants to improve the air quality in your home.
potted green indoor plants
  • Repurpose your water. Let boiled water cool and use it for watering plants for instance.
human hand under pouring water
  • Skip the dry cleaners and learn how to clean delicate garments at home.
close up photo of knitted sweater
  • Ride a bicycle when possible to avoid the car.
person riding bicycle near fence
  • Bring Tupperware with you to restaurants to avoid to-go boxes.
ethnic woman with fruit salad and beverage walking in town
  • Here are more tips for green living:






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