Wicker Furniture Restoration

I got this wicker furniture from a good friend when I first moved into my house. I had no furniture so it came in handy and was used as indoor furniture for a period of time before I properly furnished my home. I moved the pieces to my outdoor deck area, but neglected to properly weather proof the set. It got rained and snowed on for about two years before I finally got around to rescuing it.

I wish I had prioritized the furniture set sooner, and I feel terrible for neglecting it, but I had so many other pressing matters at the house. After cleaning off my back deck, I checked over the furniture set to see if it was salvageable. It wasn’t in great condition, but it was still intact and functional. I gave it a thorough cleaning with dish soap and water and let it dry overnight. Then I tried repairing loose pieces using glue, but that proved to be somewhat futile. I couldn’t get the pieces to stay in place, and they were so weathered, they pretty much crumbled when I tried.

So I gave up on trying to make the minor repairs and decided to focus instead on just getting the set weather proofed. I bought an oil-based acrylic spray paint that’s meant for indoor and outdoor use in this beautiful blue color. After waiting for the temperature to warm up a little bit, I gave the entire set a thorough coating and let them dry completely. I think they look amazing! What do you think?

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