Total Home Remodel Part 12: The Back Deck

I actually had my back deck replaced a long time ago, but I’m finally chronicling the process because it’s been about a year and I recently stained it. I couldn’t stain it when it was first done because the wood was treated. The original deck wasn’t a deck at all but I tiny square of rotted wood on the verge of collapse.

I decided to do this project earlier than scheduled because the old deck was literally about to collapse and fall through. I didn’t want anybody getting hurt, so we got to work. My contractor at the time did a fabulous job and I even had a ramp installed so it would be wheelchair accessible although I’m a little worried it might be too much of an incline.

I got so busy with other projects that I ended up dumping a bunch of trash on the back deck. Sometimes I take too much on at once and then I get overwhelmed. Fortunately, I got it all cleaned up and swept off before applying the stain.

The stain I used didn’t make much of a difference in the color, however, and now I’m worried I should’ve applied more than one coat. I’ll do that again at a future date, but I’ll probably hire someone next time so that a better job is done.

I love my back deck. I think it looks absolutely beautiful. Eventually I’d like to get some kind of awning to go over the top so I can sit outside when it rains, or maybe have a pergola built or something.

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