Happy Halloween 2023

I LOVE Halloween. Every year I decorate, I dress up, and I throw a pumpkin carving party. It’s my favorite time of year though technically my favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve. This year I got a ton of fabulous Halloween decorations, and my front porch was my favorite area. I got these adorable throw pillows.

And I got this hilarious skeleton to put in the rubble of my front porch remodel scrap.

The Halloween party was a ton of fun though I had to throw it on a Wednesday this year, so it didn’t go all night like I’m used to. We carved pumpkins and I made a ton of spooky snacks.

Here are some of the spooky snacks I made this year.

My partner and I dressed up as Barbie and Oppenheimer and we had a fabulous time at our local bar celebrating with all the other dressed up folk. I can’t wait until Halloween next year!

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