Living a Green Life Step 8: R-E-N-O-V-A-T-E (green home repair)

My favorite thing about green living is that it’s practical and saves money. Maintaining one’s home and other possessions is a prime example. Making sure your house is properly insulated and up-to-date not only saves you money on utilities, but also helps the environment. The goal should be to use less electricity and resources. HowContinue reading “Living a Green Life Step 8: R-E-N-O-V-A-T-E (green home repair)”

Living a Greener Life Step 7: R-E-C-Y-C-L-E (Is it a scam?)

When people talk about green living, oftentimes the first image that pops into our heads is recycling. For years I’ve been taught to separate my plastic bottles, compost, cardboard, etc. from regular trash. But how effective is recycling? The more I read about the recycling industry, the more discouraged I become. Now it’s important toContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 7: R-E-C-Y-C-L-E (Is it a scam?)”

Living a Greener Life Step 6: R-E-P-A-I-R (fix before you buy)

Another major lifestyle change I’m working on to live a greener life is repairing broken items instead of just going out and buying a new one. This is a challenge at times because in today’s capitalist society, it’s so much easier just to buy something new. It’s often cheap to just replace something instead ofContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 6: R-E-P-A-I-R (fix before you buy)”

Living a Greener Life Step 5: R-E-U-S-E (common ways to reuse items)

We live in a single-use world where items are quickly discarded never to be used again. This has clearly become a problem as the amount of waste has piled up. Plastic waste is especially a big issue since it doesn’t break down easily and ends up in our oceans and other places. One major aimContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 5: R-E-U-S-E (common ways to reuse items)”

Living a Greener Life Step 4: R-E-P-L-A-C-E (top green swaps)

Living a greener life means making some changes to our lifestyle. We can change the way we shop, the way we eat, the way we have fun, the way we cook, the list goes on and on. These small changes might not seem like they’re having a big impact, but if enough people swap forContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 4: R-E-P-L-A-C-E (top green swaps)”

Living a Greener Life Step 3: R-E-S-A-L-E (buy local, buy used)

It is impossible to live a life completely free of consumption, but we can choose what we consume and where it comes from. When it comes to shopping, I strive to buy used as often as possible. There are some items that should be purchased new such as socks, underwear, hygiene products, helmets and otherContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 3: R-E-S-A-L-E (buy local, buy used)”

Five Steps to Green Up your Toiletries

Recently, I’ve started helping people clean out their pantries and closets. I’ve been partnering with multiple charities in my hometown to donate good, usable items after I do a clean out. Much of the clothing and food items are not fit for donation, however, and must be disposed of environmentally. Fortunately, most food items canContinue reading “Five Steps to Green Up your Toiletries”

Total Home Remodel Part 7: The Kitchen

I’m making great progress on my house remodel, and the kitchen has been the biggest, most expensive, most time consuming project yet. I’m so glad it’s finally done. The old kitchen was dark, ugly, and infested with mice. After taking care of my mouse problem, I decided it was time for a brand new kitchenContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 7: The Kitchen”

A Greener Way to Donate

Recently, I’ve started cleaning out closets in a bid to encourage minimalism and greener living. Our closets are full of clothes that will never be worn. The first step to greener living is to change the way we shop for clothing. By reducing how much we buy, opting for resale items, and avoiding fast fashion,Continue reading “A Greener Way to Donate”

10 Tips to Green up your Closet

I’m going to host a clothing swap party soon (again). And not just as an excuse to sip wine with my girls, but also because clothing swap parties offer two of my favorite activities: decluttering and getting free stuff. Once a year, I try to go through my closet and pull out the items IContinue reading “10 Tips to Green up your Closet”