Shopping in the 417

I’m wrapping up the rest of November with local shopping in and around Springfield. There are so many great shops to choose from. I hope they all got lots of business on small business Saturday. Here are a few local gems. The Local Bevy This adorable art gallery and gift shop is located in theContinue reading “Shopping in the 417”

Shopping in Ozark, Online, and More!

I don’t venture outside of Springfield, MO very often, but there are lots of great shops to be found in neighboring cities in the 417 area. For my 3rd week of 417 shopping, I decided to shop around Ozark, MO and check out local artists online as well as friend’s services and small businesses. HomewreckerContinue reading “Shopping in Ozark, Online, and More!”

Shopping on Historic C-Street in Springfield, MO

One of the best shopping spots in Springfield, MO is Commercial Street. The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad was Springfield’s first in the late 19th century, and since then, C-Street has been a bustling hub of activity. Nowadays, you can find the farmer’s market here when it’s in season as well as an assortment of shopsContinue reading “Shopping on Historic C-Street in Springfield, MO”

Shopping Downtown in Springfield, MO

The holiday season is rapidly approaching which means a lot of shopping is about to happen. But before you start searching for the perfect gift online, consider some of the local shops in your area. For the month of November, I will be promoting local businesses in the 417 area. I decided to start withContinue reading “Shopping Downtown in Springfield, MO”

Happy Halloween 2023

I LOVE Halloween. Every year I decorate, I dress up, and I throw a pumpkin carving party. It’s my favorite time of year though technically my favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve. This year I got a ton of fabulous Halloween decorations, and my front porch was my favorite area. I got these adorable throwContinue reading “Happy Halloween 2023”

Total Home Remodel Part 12: The Back Deck

I actually had my back deck replaced a long time ago, but I’m finally chronicling the process because it’s been about a year and I recently stained it. I couldn’t stain it when it was first done because the wood was treated. The original deck wasn’t a deck at all but I tiny square ofContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 12: The Back Deck”

Wicker Furniture Restoration

I got this wicker furniture from a good friend when I first moved into my house. I had no furniture so it came in handy and was used as indoor furniture for a period of time before I properly furnished my home. I moved the pieces to my outdoor deck area, but neglected to properlyContinue reading “Wicker Furniture Restoration”

Church Pew Makeover

These old church pews sat in a tiny church in Conway, Missouri for years before they found their way into my grandparents’ possession. They sat in an old barn for I don’t know how long, and now they belong to me. They were in pretty good shape, even the upholstery, just really dusty. They satContinue reading “Church Pew Makeover”

How to Reuse these Common Household Items

Getting the most use out of the items in your house is a great way to cut down on waste and contribute less to the landfill. Not all items are recyclable, but a lot of them are reusable. Here are 10 common household items and ways they can be reused: Plastic Bags I try toContinue reading “How to Reuse these Common Household Items”

How do I recycle electronics?

It’s not just paper, glass, and metal that can be recycled. There are other items, too and a lot of people overlook electronics. I frequently find electronic items and small appliances chucked in the regular trash, but this isn’t the proper way to dispose of them. Modern electronics may contain harmful substances that can poseContinue reading “How do I recycle electronics?”