Day 76: Hidden Gems: Hercules Glades Falls

Missouri may not be at the top of most people’s travel list, but there are plenty of beautiful places to visit. Recently, I hiked along Hercules Glades in the Mark Twain National Forest to find the water falls. I’ve been told if you go too late in the season you’ll find the falls completely driedContinue reading “Day 76: Hidden Gems: Hercules Glades Falls”

Day 75: Visiting Historic Commercial Street

My hometown is slowly starting to open back up with precautions of course. The farmer’s market was going strong on historic Commercial street. I figured this would be a great opportunity for a cultural experience for my Fulbright students. My two students from Africa were thrilled to meet some fellow Africans: a young woman fromContinue reading “Day 75: Visiting Historic Commercial Street”

Living in a Bus Step 3: License and Registration

Well, before I can start the actual renovations, I want to make sure everything on my bus is legal.  And I ran into a couple of snags in the process.  My first concern was whether or not I’d need a special license to drive the short bus and this is what I found out fromContinue reading “Living in a Bus Step 3: License and Registration”

Day 73: What are the top 5 destinations on your travel bucket list?

I like making lists. It’s a good distraction, and right now, I feel like we could use a good distraction. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a list of places they’d like to travel to in the world. I, myself, have done some extensive traveling, but I haven’t been to every place on myContinue reading “Day 73: What are the top 5 destinations on your travel bucket list?”

Day 71: Is public shaming an effective deterrent to social injustice?

In this age of technology, no one is safe from being videotaped in public. And while some may be uneasy with this lack of privacy, it provides a unique opportunity to shed light on many social injustices that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. When this material goes viral, consequences arise for the perpetrators. This isContinue reading “Day 71: Is public shaming an effective deterrent to social injustice?”

Day 68: The Electrical System in my Bus

We’re still on lock down and I’m still blogging, but today I’m going to recycle an old post. It’s about the electrical set up in my converted short bus. Here’s the scoop: One of the major hurdles I’ve had to overcome is how to do the electricity.  There’s a plethora of articles and YouTube tutorialsContinue reading “Day 68: The Electrical System in my Bus”


One way to fight the quarantine boredom is to get together with your friends online and make a viral video. There are many different types of viral videos and lots of ways to connect virtually. One of my favorite viral videos is the make-up brush or don’t rush challenge. In this challenge, you start withoutContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #9: Make a Viral Video”

Day 66: Change your Perspective about Weeds

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of organic gardening and reasons why we should avoid herbicides and insecticides. We can take it a step beyond that and learn to appreciate weeds. Now, nobody wants a weed growing in their garden, taking up space and depleting nutrients from your vegetables and herbs, but weContinue reading “Day 66: Change your Perspective about Weeds”

Day 64: How much do you know about South America?

I love studying. I especially love history and geography. And since there’s going to be a little more lock down time left, I’ve decided to start studying countries grouped by continent. South America seems like a good start. This week I want to memorize the following pertaining to South America: history geography country capitals countryContinue reading “Day 64: How much do you know about South America?”

Day 63: Embrace the Change

It’s clear that things are never going to be “normal” again. Whatever we knew as normal before, is a thing of the past. Once the pandemic is over and we are no longer on lockdown, we’ll start living our new normal. And I wonder what this future is going to look like. Some of theseContinue reading “Day 63: Embrace the Change”