Day 37: What are you binge watching?

This lock down and free time has allowed for plenty of hours of binge watching TV shows and movies. I’m catching up on a lot of shows I started in the past, and I’ve added a few more to my cue. There are plenty of options for streaming, too. I currently use Netflix and YouTubeContinue reading “Day 37: What are you binge watching?”

QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #5: Stay Motivated!!!

The quarantine is supposedly scheduled to end on May 4th or so, and I haven’t accomplished a single goal yet. I’ve got a lot of goals, in fact, I have too many goals and it’s getting hard to keep track of all of them. And the more goals I add to my list, the lessContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #5: Stay Motivated!!!”

What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?

I’m speaking mostly from personal experience when I say that if you want to learn a foreign language, the only real way to do so is to go to a country that speaks that language and immerse yourself in it.  Of course, I’m sure there’s plenty of conflicting research with lengthy lists of teaching methodologyContinue reading “What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?”