Total Home Remodel Part 12: The Back Deck

I actually had my back deck replaced a long time ago, but I’m finally chronicling the process because it’s been about a year and I recently stained it. I couldn’t stain it when it was first done because the wood was treated. The original deck wasn’t a deck at all but I tiny square ofContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 12: The Back Deck”

Total Home Remodel Part 11: The Living Room

I have been dreaming about remodeling the living room since I first bought the house two years ago. It wasn’t a priority because most of the problems are cosmetic and not structural. However, after securing a great deal with my contractors and selling a lot of my temporary furniture, I decided it was time toContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 11: The Living Room”

Total Home Remodel Part 7: The Kitchen

I’m making great progress on my house remodel, and the kitchen has been the biggest, most expensive, most time consuming project yet. I’m so glad it’s finally done. The old kitchen was dark, ugly, and infested with mice. After taking care of my mouse problem, I decided it was time for a brand new kitchenContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 7: The Kitchen”

Total Home Remodel Part 6: Windows

Winter is here although it doesn’t always feel like it. Hopefully, we get a few hard freezers to kill off all the ticks and mosquitoes otherwise summer is going to be a nightmare. If that cold weather does eventually come, my fixer upper home might be hard to heat. I am so relieved that IContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 6: Windows”

Total Home Remodel Part 5: Front Landscaping

So far the biggest challenge with my house has been keeping the cats out of my front yard. There are many cats in the neighborhood which I suspect are people’s pets and they just love going under my front porch to do their business. Apparently, my front porch area has been the neighborhood litter boxContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 5: Front Landscaping”

Total Home Remodel Part 4: The Basement

Working on my basement was quite a challenge, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The main problem was mold growing on the ceiling, but fortunately, it wasn’t black mold. I had a company come out and give me an estimate and they wanted to charge me about $5000 to de-moldContinue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 4: The Basement”

Total Home Remodel Part 3: Building a Driveway

The second project I decided to work on with my house was creating a driveway so I could have a place to park my bus. This was a fun and easy project to do that didn’t cost me a lot of money. First, I plotted out the area where I wanted my bus to go.Continue reading “Total Home Remodel Part 3: Building a Driveway”