How should we address income inequality?

Income inequality is one of the biggest issues in the United States, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to deal with it. The gap between the ultra wealthy and everybody else is both shameful and shocking. How did this happen and how do we fix it? The first step is acknowledging that income inequality is a real problem and not an issue … Continue reading How should we address income inequality?

My Ancestry Adventure Begins!

My grandparents turn 88 this year. It’s amazing that I still have both of them in my life. Given their age and all this free time I’ve had on account of the pandemic, I’ve decided to pursue a goal of mine – tracing my family lineage back to our roots. I have a few goals in mind. First, I want to trace my ancestors back … Continue reading My Ancestry Adventure Begins!

Day 70: Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’re all safely enjoying the festivities and the beautiful (though occasionally rainy) weather. Quarantine restrictions have been relaxing, but maybe sooner than they should and people are flocking to parks, beaches, and rivers in droves. Unfortunately, the concept of social distancing has gone out the window which is ironic considering this holiday commemorates the dead. Technically, Memorial Day is meant … Continue reading Day 70: Happy Memorial Day!!!

Day 56: Did I already have the Corona Virus?

I’ve heard a few people ask this question and I’m wondering the same. In the beginning of February I got extremely sick. I knew immediately that my cough wasn’t allergies or just a cold. I could tell by that nasty taste in the back of my throat that I had some kind of virus. The first day was mostly a nuisance, but by the second … Continue reading Day 56: Did I already have the Corona Virus?