My 3rd Great Grandparents

I’ve been tracking my family tree on my father’s side of the family, and I’ve discovered so many wonderful things about my ancestors. Currently, I am researching my 3rd great grandparents who were born and raised during the 19th century. This generation either grew up or served during the American Civil War. I learned that many of these families moved to Missouri during this time … Continue reading My 3rd Great Grandparents

The Stans – Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan

In 2019, I took a tour of the 5 Stans and it’s a trip I’ll never forget. It’s taken way too long for me to blog about it, but I’ll try to highlight the best parts of the trip. We arrived at the Ashgabat airport early morning and transfered to the city where we immediately began our tour of the city. Turkmenistan is a very … Continue reading The Stans – Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan

Total Home Remodel Part 2: Installing a Privacy Fence

My first project will be to install a privacy fence in the backyard. It’s currently chain link which is just awful especially since I live next to a large rental unit. But I have a couple of questions before I get started. Fortunately, I found a lot of information in this article from Better Homes and Gardens. 1. Do I have to remove the chain … Continue reading Total Home Remodel Part 2: Installing a Privacy Fence

Total Home Remodel Part 1: Planning my Home Remodel

Recently, I bought my second home (my first home to purchase solo). Now it’s time to start my home remodel adventure! I tend to rush projects that require time and planning, and I’m determined not to do that with my house. I want to remodel the entire thing as efficiently, safely, and economically as possible. This means a lot of research, and that’s the first … Continue reading Total Home Remodel Part 1: Planning my Home Remodel

My Grandparent’s Grandparents

As I continue my journey studying my ancestry, I’ve gotten a wealth of information from my grandparents. Fortunately for me, they remember their grandparents fairly well and have many stories to tell. I’ve been organizing old photos in my grandparents house and identifying different people. My grandmother’s mother saved boxes of information about the Wilsons. My great great grandfather Arthur Wilson was apparently a great … Continue reading My Grandparent’s Grandparents

Honoring the Memory of my Great Grandparents

Through my ancestry research, I’ve learned a lot about my family. And as my grandparents approach their late 80s, I’ve become much more nostalgic about my family history. I’m really lucky to still have my grandparents in my life. They just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. I’ve taken a lot of time talking to them and learning about my great grandparents, only one of whom … Continue reading Honoring the Memory of my Great Grandparents

The 30 Countries I’ve seen so far!

As I prepare for my next trip abroad – CHINA! I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce over all the countries I’ve already been to. I’m celebrating 30 countries seen so far, but to clarify – I’m counting my home country, Cayman Islands (technically not a country), and the Netherlands. I spent one night in Amsterdam and didn’t get to do anything fun because … Continue reading The 30 Countries I’ve seen so far!

My Ancestry Adventure Begins!

My grandparents turn 88 this year. It’s amazing that I still have both of them in my life. Given their age and all this free time I’ve had on account of the pandemic, I’ve decided to pursue a goal of mine – tracing my family lineage back to our roots. I have a few goals in mind. First, I want to trace my ancestors back … Continue reading My Ancestry Adventure Begins!

Have you been to Lebanon?

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. If you’re curious about the Middle East, but you want a little modern flair, I recommend Lebanon, especially Beirut. The people are wonderful, the food was fantastic, and there was a plethora of sites to visit. Here are some of the highlights from my trip. Taking the Telefèric up the mountain to see … Continue reading Have you been to Lebanon?