Day 98: Time for Reflection

As the quarantine and my daily blog draw to a close, I figured now is a good time for reflection. Summer is just now starting to begin and it was a long spring cooped up indoors. I’m sure we all have cabin fever and we’re all ready to get out of the house, but theContinue reading “Day 98: Time for Reflection”

Day 85: It’s not that hard to know right from wrong.

I don’t know why it’s difficult for people to know when something is harmful or not. I don’t understand why people think they need a book of ethics, a religion, or some kind of preset moral guide to know right from wrong. It’s not that hard. Just ask yourself these questions: Is what I’m aboutContinue reading “Day 85: It’s not that hard to know right from wrong.”

Day 79: Studying History Made me Liberal

Like most of my friends from the Midwest, I was brought up in a conservative household. I was raised with Judeo-Christian values. And I was encouraged by my church to always vote Republican because they were the more “Christian” option. I find that last point hilarious because if you look at the Republican party’s trackContinue reading “Day 79: Studying History Made me Liberal”

Day 63: Embrace the Change

It’s clear that things are never going to be “normal” again. Whatever we knew as normal before, is a thing of the past. Once the pandemic is over and we are no longer on lockdown, we’ll start living our new normal. And I wonder what this future is going to look like. Some of theseContinue reading “Day 63: Embrace the Change”

Day 57: Would you survive an apocalyptic world? 20 Questions

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead a lot lately and it’s got me wondering: would I survive an apocalypse? If I had to survive off the land, could I? If another depression hit, would I make it through? I’ve owned the book “Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century” for years and I’m only just nowContinue reading “Day 57: Would you survive an apocalyptic world? 20 Questions”

Day 39: How has this pandemic helped the planet?

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, a holiday dedicated to environmental protection and awareness. This Earth Day is especially significant on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen what just a short pause in human activity can do for the planet. Here are just some of the positive impacts this pandemic has had onContinue reading “Day 39: How has this pandemic helped the planet?”

Day 31: Happy One Month Anniversary of Lockdown!

Congratulations! You’ve officially survived one month of lockdown! How has it been for you? At first, the lockdown was a little bit scary for me, but then I learn to enjoy the downtime and focus on various hobbies and goals. This has made the quarantine much easier. Having a safe place to live and beingContinue reading “Day 31: Happy One Month Anniversary of Lockdown!”

Day 26: Do we want to go back to “normal”?

Sure change is hard, and this is probably the biggest disruption to society we’ve had in a long time. People keep saying “when things go back to normal…” But what was normal for the average person? Working 40+ hours a week to barely be able to pay bills? Rarely getting to spend time with family?Continue reading “Day 26: Do we want to go back to “normal”?”

Day 24: How will you change during quarantine?

Change is inevitable. It can either be for the better or worse. This quarantine will be good for some but not so great for others. I anticipate while some benefit from the lockdown, others will struggle. How will the quarantine change you? Care to make some predictions? Will you drink more? Drink less? Or drinkContinue reading “Day 24: How will you change during quarantine?”

Day 2: Prepare for Change

We are moving to online classes!! I’m a little nervous but mostly excited. I anticipate there will be glitches and other issues, but for the most part, I think things will be just fine. We’ll be using an app called Zoom and we’ve had lots of practice so far. And this is a good opportunityContinue reading “Day 2: Prepare for Change”